Monday, July 15, 2013

Finish-A-Long 2013: Quarter 3

she can quilt
Okay, time to focus for quarter 3 and get a few things done.  I had more projects waiting in the wings than actually started, so I had to make a few quick cuts to prepare for this post.

1) Outdoor Pillows

My coworker asked me to make a few pillows for her. She was having tension issues with her sewing machine, so I happily agreed to help out.  Plus, she's an amazing baker (she makes cakes from scratch for birthdays and other special events in the office), so we've worked out a trade - completed pillows for cake pops!

2) Index Blocks

Carried over from Q1 and Q2. Hopefully this is the lucky quarter.

3) Wiksten tanks

I made one last quarter, so I called it a finish. But I have fabric for a few more, so it's staying on the list.

4) Staple Dress

I have half a muslin completed. Need to finish that and then make a real one. Still deciding on fabric and making room in the budget. And also deciding how to resize because I think it's a hint too big (thoughts? opinions?).

5) Snowballs in Helsinki

I'm moving this one to the official list. I finally buckled down and made a few cuts over the weekend. Realistically, I hope to just have the top done by the end of the quarter, but I'll be optimistic and add it here.

5) Drawstring pouches

I made one a few weeks ago as a gift bag and then decided they'd be great for toting my knitting. They're pretty quick to make so this should be a quick finish.

I used to have the below items in an addendum list because I didn't think they counted since they're knit, but someone won for a knitted item in Q2, so I'm going to move these to the official list.

6) Boyfriend Sweater

Carried over from Q2. Just need to block and add the buttons.

7) Knit Tie

WIP since March. Mr. T is getting annoyed and threatening to purchase one if I don't finish this soon.

8) Gemini
Need to finish one sleeve and block. It's farther along than the photo, but I didn't have a chance to get a more updated one.

The below either don't count because they're not started, or I know they won't be done by the end of the quarter, but I'm still listing for motivational purposes:

9) Spectrum socks - Carried over from Q2.
10) Herringbone Cowl - My friends got me the yarn for this for my birthday last year and I started it at jury duty in October. As much as I love the pattern, I'm finding it finicky and a slow knit, so I'm unmotivated to work on this. Plus the yarn is very thick and hot - not good for summer knitting.
11) Lucky Stars Blocks - I made the first two, cut fabric for the next two, and then really let these fall to the wayside. Need to get back on schedule so I have a completed quilt by the end of the year.
12) Chuppah - For Mom's wedding at the end of October. Does anyone have any suggestions on homemade chupas? I have a lattice pattern in mind, but I'm afraid it might take too much fabric. And I'm planning on turning it into a quilt after the wedding, so I can't cut corners and use lesser quality fabric.

Lastly, judging from this post something else I need to work on this quarter is better photographs.  Way too many bleached and grainy photos going up!

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  1. Your projects all look great although I think the Staple Dress is a bit too big as well. It's kind or hard to tell from looking at that plain muslin, what it would look like in some nice fabric, isn't it?