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I love making crafts.  My mom is very creative, especially in the kitchen.  She makes beautiful and fun cakes.  I remember countless afternoons sitting at the counter watching her draw elaborate designs with icing, wishing I could wield a sugar-filled bag in the same way.  She also constructed many unique Halloween costumes for me.  One of the most memorable was a patchwork pumpkin outfit she made with scraps of leftover fabric (We liked it so much we both wore it for a few Halloweens!).

Inspired by Mom, arts and crafts was always my favorite class.  I used to write short stories in elementary school and then create detailed covers for them using construction paper (I still have all of these stored under my bed in Mom's house).  And I can't even count how many homemade gifts my mom has received.  Now they're of a slightly higher caliber, but there were definitely a few she should have thrown away (such as the "sculpture" of her I made using the wire from a spiral notebook that still hangs in her kitchen).

Finally, in high school, I refined my crafting slightly when I learned to crochet.  I recently expanded my repertoire by learning to knit and am now teaching myself to sew as well. My dream house has a crafting room/library dedicated to my favorite, most relaxing activities and furnished with big comfy chairs and a fireplace.  I also think it would be endlessly fun and rewarding to work in/own a yarn and fabric store (maybe right next door to the cafe/restaurant my boyfriend seriously needs to open), but that might be one dream that stays in my head.

I started this blog as a way to archive my projects and also to be able to easily share what I've created with family and friends who otherwise wouldn't get to see most of it. I'm not yet a pattern writer, but maybe some day I'll get to that point and I'll be able to share my unique creations here as well.

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