Friday, July 5, 2013

Wiksten #2

I finished this several months ago but am just getting around to posting. And really the only reason I'm posting now is because this counts towards the Finish-A-Long.

This was my first time using voile and I liked it. I didn't find it as difficult to work with as I was expecting. My second attempt at the Wiksten was better than my first. I realized I was sewing the next and arm bindings incorrectly, so they were much easier and quicker to attach this time. I also tried out a rolled him for the hem and really liked it. Next time I'll just have to cut the shirt a bit short to account for the fact that I'm taking it up 2mm rather than an entire inch. Despite these improvements, I'm definitely still figuring this pattern out. I overcompensated a bit for the slight snugness in the chest, so this one hangs a bit too much. Thankfully I got a great consultation from Nicole at our last DCMQG meeting, so I expect the next one to be just right! They do say third time's the charm....

Counted towards FAL 2013 Q2!

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  1. I love it!! I think the voile makes amazing tanks that feel great!