Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Drawstring Pouch

A friend's son celebrated his first birthday last weekend, so I made one of Jeni Baker's drawstring pouches as a reusable wrapping for his gift. It was so quick a simple! No wonder they're one of the most popular small items I've seen around the interwebs. I already have fabric picked to make some for myself to use as knitting bags. And I joined a swap between a few local guilds that is going to have us make a bag and fill it with fun items for our partner (more on that later this summer).

The mustaches were an obvious choice. It will be the perfect pouch for our friends to carry around snacks and other small items, especially as their son get's older and they don't have to schlep around a diaper bag.

And of course, a bright yellow toddler-sized Michigan shirt inside only made the gift better! One of our friends went to Michigan State, so Mr. T and I wanted to make sure we influence his son from a young age and encourage him to go to a more reputable school!

Such sharp wrapping next to the other gift bags!

Side note: Thanks to Mr. T for my awesome blog redesign!

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