Monday, October 7, 2013

Finish-A-Long 2013: Quarter 3 Recap

she can quilt
So, this quarter went pretty well. Definitely more knitting-focused than sewing, but oh well. Actually, it's really just that most of the sewing projects I did over the past three months were small, last minute projects.

1) Outdoor Pillows

COMPLETE! (And exchanged for delicious cake pops, which are also finished).

2) Index Blocks

Untouched. Carried over, yet again.

3) Wiksten tanks

Untouched. Moved to next quarter. I also think I might get this pattern to make a few sleeved tops.

4) Staple Dress

COMPLETE! And already well worn.

5) Snowballs in Helsinki

Still untouched. Really feeling guilty about this one.

5) Drawstring pouches


6) Boyfriend Sweater
Finally blocked. Just need to add the buttons. Proud I accomplished at least one step! Still didn't take a new photo, though...

7) Knit Tie

8) Gemini 

The below either don't count because they're not started, or I know they won't be done by the end of the quarter, but I'm still listing for motivational purposes:

9) Spectrum socks - Untouched. 
10) Herringbone Cowl - Untouched
11) Lucky Stars Blocks - I made two more. Now I'm up to March. Only 7 months behind!
12) Chuppah for my mother's wedding - Fabric is purchased and cut! Now just to sew it together. I have three more weeks to the wedding...

5.5 out of 9 (not counting the extra 4) complete. That's not too shabby! Especially considering my poor performance in Q1 and Q2. I'm feeling good about the end of the year!

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