Monday, April 15, 2013

Finish-A-Long 2013: Quarter 2

she can quilt
I can't believe it's already time for quarter 2.  After my ridiculously poor showing during Q1, I'm trying to keep my goals realistic.  I thought I was doing that last time, but apparently not.  We'll see how it goes...

1) Baby Quilt

Carried over from Q1. This is a gift, so only a sneak peak.  Just the binding left - should be a quick finish.

2) Index Blocks

Carried over from Q1. I made these blocks in October as a pattern tester and they've been sitting around since then. I didn't even look at them last quarter. I have a few friends moving soon, so the plan is to turn them into something that can be a housewarming gift.

3) Coasters

My friend just redecorated her place and asked for some coasters, so that is what this pretty stack will be. Main fabrics are cut - the three middles ones are the tops and the two on the ends are the backs, so 6 coasters. Just need to add batting and bind in the solid purple.

4) Wiksten tanks

More Wikstens! The pattern is cut, the fabric is pre-washed (not sure if that's necessary with voile since I let it air dry, but I was doing laundry anyway), and the weather is getting warm, so I'm ready for more tanks!

Items that don't count towards the FAL, but I'm including for motivational purposes:

5) Snowballs in Helsinki - still need to start cutting! My friend is becoming inpatient (understandably so)
6) Boyfriend Sweater - need to block and add buttons, and maybe pockets if I can figure out how
7) Spectrum socks - I really want to start working on these again, but I currently have two projects on needles, plus the BF sweater, that I need to finish before I can re-cast on

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