Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween 2011

I pride myself on coming up with creative, homemade, non-slutty Halloween costumes.  Well, really costumes in general.  For two events during my senior year of high school, I dressed up as both a Head on a Platter and the Eiffel Tower.  Last year for Halloween I pulled together a pretty good bag of Jelly Bellys in about an hour.  My favorite costume by far was a hot air balloon (of course, I can't find the pictures anywhere!).  I cut the bottom out of a plastic laundry basket then lined it with construction paper to make it look like quilting.  I bought an extra large helium balloon and tied it so that it floated over my head.  I even made some 3D sandbags out of construction paper and tied them so they hung over the edges of the basket.  Then I dressed entirely in dark blue and taped paper cloud cutouts all over my body.  It was quite creative, if I do say so myself.  And as you can see, I usually go pretty big and bulky and prefer costumes that somehow inhibit me from easily fitting through doorways and/or sitting down.

This year, my boyfriend had the amazing idea of being Siri, the voice system on the new iPhone 4S.  Thankfully, I found him an even better costume and I dressed up as Siri.

He's dressed up as Sriracha, the Asian hot sauce.  We made the shirt ourselves.  And my costume has a functioning tap light so Siri's light can go on and off just as it does on the phone.  I also painted the iPhone 4S logo on the back of the shirt.  These costumes were much more understated than my usual fanfair, but they were still a hit!

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