Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday goodness!

So, today is my birthday and I got some wonderful quilty gifts!

A free motion quilting foot and Elizabeth Hartman's The Practical Guideto Patchwork  from my brother and sister in law, which is perfect because I have fabric for a Birdbath quilt, and now I can use my own copy rather than boggarting the library's.  I also got an Amazon gift card from my mom to buy other quilting books that were on my list.

Some very old Quilters magazines Mom found lying around her office (apparently some patient left them).  Mom's gifts are always a good mix of new stuff and old stuff - often the old goes straight to the trash or Goodwill pile (like the pair of Mom jeans she sent me last year), but this year I'm keeping it all!  The fabric is Bella Plantium. It's not actually a birthday gift - it's for a semi-commissioned project - but it was still exciting when it arrived today!

Last, but certainly not least, is a gift card to Purl Soho from two of my good friends!  This is perfect timing too because Mr. T and I have an upcoming trip to NYC, so I'll get to use it in store and not have to waste any money on shipping!  In addition to fabric, I may indulge in some yarn I normally shy away from because of the price.  I might see a cashmere hat in my future...
Thanks to my family and friends for such great gifts and all the birthday wishes!

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