Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dimple Hat

With the holiday season, my crafting has been in full swing.  This dimple hat was one of the many gifts I made.  When I first saw the patten on Purl Bee, I was very intimated by it.  As a new knitter, it seemed much more complicated than the knits and purls I'm just getting used to.  When I was looking for a pattern for my future sister-in-law, however, I decided to try it.  I wanted to make her something more special and unique than the basic ribbed hats I have done up to this point.  And I have to say, with Purl Bee's clear explanations and photos, this hat was a breeze.  There is a good bit of counting involved, so I had to stay pretty focused (I ended up taking out a few rows every time I lost focus because I inevitably dropped a stitch or two or miscounted), but it was a much easier pattern to follow than I initially imagined.

To make my dimple hat, I used two skeins of Classic Elite Magnolia yarn in color Berry and size 6, 16 inch needles.  I absolutely LOVED working with this yarn.  It's super soft and silky and glided through my fingers and needles.  I will definitely be going back to it for other projects.


  1. This hat is ADORABLE Jess! You're such a talented crafter!

  2. I really like that one! I want one!

  3. Thanks guys! This is one of my favorites too! I think my future sister-in-law likes it as well and I will hopefully have photos of her wearing it posted shortly.