Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Tree Ornaments

During my daily viewing of Purl Bee, I came across a pattern for Christmas tree ornaments.  As I do not celebrate Christmas, I decided to make these as a gift for one of my friends.  It took some time to find wool felt in non-boring colors (i.e. something brighter and more exciting than red and green - this is the Christmas season, after all), but I finally managed to track down some 12 inch squares at Michael's in fuscia, yellow, forest green, navy, and light blue. It took me a couple to get the hang of a) sewing a straight line and b) pulling the thread tight enough to from a ball rather than an ellipse, but in the end I think they turned out pretty fun.  Certainly not the most glamorous of ornaments, but my friend seemed to appreciate them.  And they look pretty awesome on her tree!

We also had a white elephant gift exchange at work, but the catch was that we could only bring in something that we already had at home.  I figured my friend didn't need 15 ornaments (her tree isn't that big), so I took some of these and gave them as part of my white elephant gift.  My coworker who ended up getting them is Jewish and clearly had no need for them, so he gave them to another coworker to decorate her office (I'm not sure why only the non-Christians ended up with my very Christmas-specific gift).  Oh well.  I think they look kind of need as office decorations too!

[Note: I wanted to put a picture of the ornaments in my coworker's office, but she has them hanging on her bulletin board and she has some confidential information and paperwork hanging there, so I can't post it.]

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