Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baby Gifts, part 2 - The Itty Bitty Geranium Dress

Next up, the ever adorable Geranium dress by made by rae. I used the free pattern she has available for sizes 0-3 month.

I used leftover chambray from the Staple Dress I made last year (which gets a ton of wear and compliments, btw). and lined it with some unknown fabric from stash - pink with yellow polka dots for a fun pop of color.

Photo credit to mom for this idea...
This dress was really fun to make. The instructions were quite clear. My only oops was when I was rushing and accidentally sewed the bodice and skirt together right side to wrong side, so the skirt was inside out!

I just can't believe how tiny it is. I'm a bit nervous it won't fit her at all, but I guess babies are pretty small, right?

I actually really hate buttons, so I almost used snaps for the closure, but the buttons just look so much cuter. So I sucked it up and spent a full hour touching buttons (quite an achievement for me) to finish off the dress. I definitely do not (nor will I ever) have a button stash, so I got these clear flowers from JoAnn. This was my first time doing buttons and it went pretty well. Thankfully my machine has an automatic button-holer, so that was good. But they all still came out different sizes. It takes a bit of finesse to close the dress, but it's doable. Certainly good practice for next time.

I cannot wait to see my niece in this. We're 100% going to be taking a twins photo in our semi-matching dresses and we're both going to look upon it fondly for the rest of our lives!

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