Monday, March 10, 2014

do. Good Stitches - February and March 2014

Time for a do. Good Stitches update.  I'm late on February and early on March - it all balances out in the end right!  I actually finished both of these during my snow day last Monday, but then I was sick all week so I didn't feel like taking photographs or writing even a brief post.

Swirly Dresdens for Barb using this tutorial. The template is for a 10 inch finish Dresden, but Barb asked for a variety of sizes, so I made two 5 inch Dresdens and appliqued them to a 13ish inch background so she'd have plenty of room for trimming when she pieces the top.

Deb requested these simple Rugby Stripes blocks based on this tutorial by Teaginny Designs, only resized to be 6.5x12.5 inches unfinished. This is going to be one awesome quilt!

AND for both months I managed to work solely from my scrap bin!