Monday, August 5, 2013

Open Wide!

Open wide zipper pouch, that is! I finally made my first one using Anna's tutorial! One of my closest friends, Molly, just had a very important birthday (the big 3-0! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOL!!!!!!!!!) [Side note: It's a little strange to have a friend who's 30; that means I'm closer to being 30. I'm not at all the type who dreads getting older - I'm really looking forward to my thirties - but it's still odd...] Anywho, pretty much everyone and their mom has a running joke with Molly about her pencil pouch, so I decided to make her a flashier one. 

The main fabric is something from Windham that I won, the bottom is Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Flax (first time using this - LOVED IT!), the zipper pull is Roundabout Dots from Moda, and the lining is Woodlands from AGF. 

I made the smallest size and it came out a bit smaller than I imagined, but it still fit all the office supply goodies I added!

The only thing about this that stinks is my fault! Rather than basting or pinning zippers, I use Steam-A-Seam. It works great and I've never installed a zipper without it. But here I put the Steam-A-Seam all the way to the end before reading the pattern, so you can still see some of the residue near the zipper tab where it's exposed.  Next time I'll just have to remember to not cover the entire zipper.

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