Thursday, August 1, 2013

Needles on Fire

The last few weeks I've barely touched my sewing machine, but my knitting needles have been busy! I think it's something about the heat of summer. My sewing corner is tucked away out of the line of the air condtioner, so with the iron on it gets a bit toasty. But with knitting, I can position myself directly in front of our window unit and feel the cool blasts while my needles click clack away. Plus we've been watching some good shows on TV (House of Cards, Newsroom) and I don't really like sewing and watching TV at the same time.

Anywho, I have a few finished projects that I'm hoping to have up here in the next few weeks - I just have to complete the dreaded blocking - but for now we'll stick to WIPs. First up is the sweater I've started as part of the Summer Sweater Knit-A-Long hosted by Shannon at luvinthemommyhood. I'm pretty excited about this one! I've been promising to make Mr. T a sweater for over a year, and have had the yarn just as long, so this KAL was a great reason to cast on. After going back and forth on patterns for a few weeks, I settled on Slade from the new BT Men collection. (Sidenote: I'm now obsessed with almost all of Brooklyn Tweed's designs. My ravelry favorites folder was just inundated by BT).

Yarn: Berroco Peruvia in Oat - I'm really liking it so far
The other project is a quick one I decided to do last minute for a birthday gift for a friend (her bday is Sunday, so it's definitely going to be late). She owns and operates a small farm, so I thought this net bag from Purlbee would be perfect for when she's harvesting vegetables. Added bonus - the yarn was only $2 and is a perfect cotton and acrylic mix that should hold up to repeated use.

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  1. Um.... a sweater - holy shit. Go you! Excited to see it come together. I also enjoy the knitting while watching TV. I really like this net bag. I may have to go add that to the to-do pile.