Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Retro Flower Pillow

So, my friend Molly is amazing.  She's always upbeat and positive, even when she's upset. She greets everyone she meets with a huge hug and an enthusiastic "HI, SWEETIE!" And she's currently studying her butt off to the best community health nurse ever (in one of the top nursing programs in the country, no less).  We always joke that we're essentially the same person - we have the same ticks, the same reactions to every situation, identical addictions to aquaphor. We even have the same sleeping styles - head halfway down the mattress with toes hanging off and two pillows, though we only actually use one. We've been friends for four years and every time we hang out we learn something new we have in common, and of course we're never surprised.

Love those bears!
Despite how busy she is, she's always available for a chat and I undoubtedly feel better after talking to her. She's one of the most encouraging people when it comes to my crafting hobby (and really anything else in which I show a hint of interest), sharing my blog around and always talking me up to essentially anyone she meets. I made her a bag when she started nursing school, but I've been wanting to make her something else that could help comfort her when she gets really stressed out.  I'd been hoarding some Hope Valley to use on something extra special for Molly, and when I saw the Retro Flower pattern from The Sometimes Crafter, I knew it was perfect. The pattern paired with the fabric perfectly embodies Molly's super girly, retro chic aesthetic. And the Kona Bone matched beautifully with the off-white in the prints.

I got fancy with the quilting and did this flower on one side.  I was sewing until literally the last minute (I finished hand stitching the binding in the car on the way to meet Molly) so I could do these all around, but I like the effect of the one with the wide stipple.

I think the backing is my favorite part - I wasn't sure about using these fabrics together right next to each other, but I think it worked pretty well.

This was my first time piecing curves. It was okay - a few mismatch seams, but nothing a little practice won't fix.

Molly and I had a sleepover yesterday (sidenote - adult sleepovers are the best) and she had the pillow prominently displayed on her bed!


  1. Looks beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous pillow! I think the seams look great. Gotta love the fabrics you chose!