Friday, March 29, 2013

Fancy Schmantz

Mr. T is going to a wedding this weekend, so I made him a pocket square last night.  It's pretty fancy and he looks quite posh wearing it.

We just did a quick late night photo shoot, but I'll get some better picks of him in full shirt and tie.

The square was SO easy.  I used a fat quarter of Dear Stella I had on hand (which perfectly matches the tie I got him for his bday that he's planning on wearing; the collection is Lanikai, but I think it's discontinued now. It's no longer on their website).  I cut a 13" square, folded each edge in 1/4" twice to encase the raw edges, and top stitched.  Such a quick, simple item that adds so much panache to an ensemble!

Also, I tried something new in order to accurately fold my raw edges.  In the past, when hemming items, if the directions say "fold raw edge 1/2 inch," I just sort of roll it up a little, do a half-ass measure, and hope it comes out right.  This time I wanted it to be more precise, so I scored the folding line with my hera marker, and it worked like a dream!  With enough pressure, the fabric essentially folded itself.  All I had to do was a hot, steamy press and everything stayed in place.  I didn't even need any pins!  I'm sure others have been doing it this way for ages, but I was quite proud of myself for thinking up this method last night.

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