Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why, hello!

There's been a bit of a radio silence here because I was on vacation.  Mr. T and I took an amazing trip to Turkey!  I'll post some more pictures once I get them uploaded and sorted, but for now I have a few that I took with the iPad because the fam wanted to see photos immediately. (Note: I only in did this in settings where no one could see me.  As wonderful as it is, an iPad is not a camera. I always think it's weird when people take them to museums and monuments to take photos.  I see it all the time on the National Mall and it makes me chuckle and feel slightly embarrassed for that person. Thankfully ours is a mini so it's slightly less cumbersome.

Izmir, Turkey - view from the harbor over the Aegean Sea
Goreme, Turkey - view over the town.  The shorter, pointy structures are called fairy chimneys.  They were formed when a volcano erupted a few million years ago.  The minaret in the center is a common site in turkey.  It seemed like there was a mosque on every corner.  We saw some beautiful and historic ones in Istanbul that I'll post pictures of later.
Istanbul, Turkey - view from our hotel room over the Sea of Marmara.  All those lights in the water are ships.  And in the bottom left corner you can sort of make out the arches that are part of the old wall of the city that protected it when it was the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.  It was amazing to walk around Istanbul and see historical structures like this right next door to modern European buildings.
And, since this is a crafting blog, here's a hat that I finished literally minutes before leaving for the airport (the photo is actually at the airport...). I made it with the fancy yarn mom got me after my first attempt was too small.  And thank goodness I had it because it was quite cold most of our trip!


Also, here's a random photo I took in the airport when we were leaving.  I've never seen this before, but I think it's pretty neat. A friend who travels a bit said she's been seeing them pop up lately, which makes me wonder what the previous system was...


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  1. Great pictures! I almost wish there was one of you using your ipad to take the picture though...