Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Guest Post - Guernsey Wrap

I've been meaning to post this one for awhile, but kept neglecting to do it.  Since I have nothing for WIP Wednesday, I figured today is the perfect day.

My friend Sabrina made this awesome shawl for her grandmother in India using the Guernsey Wrap pattern by Jared Flood (available for purchase on Ravelry).

Sab and I both learned to knit at the same time last summer - well, technically Sab already knew the basics, but a refresher course never hurts when your needles have been inactive for awhile.  Plus, she was able to add knitting in the round to her repertoire.

It was really exciting for me to watch this shawl grow.  Neither Sab nor I had ever knit from a chart before, so we spent a good 30 minutes deciphering it together and writing out a key to ensure that she knew which stitches to knit and which to purl, and of course to do the opposite on the wrong side.  I feel like charts in the round are probably a bit easier because you don't have to worry about right and wrong sides...

Anyway, after a few months of work, slipping in a few minutes of knitting time here and there when her busy schedule allowed, this beautiful creation was born.  It then made its world journey, first to California to spend a few nights with Sab's mom, and then off to its permanent home in India.  I unfortunately wasn't able to get a photo of the entire thing before it was sent off, but hopefully next time she goes, Sabrina will get an action shot of her grandmother with the shawl draped round her shoulders (I also hope her grandmother is wearing a brightly colored sari, because I think the neutral colored shawl will be a nice complement).

For now, enjoy these great detail shots of the shawl, and check out the photos on ravelry to imagine the entire thing.  And stay tuned for more guest posts from Sabrina.  I know she has a couple good projects in the works right now.

Materials: TBD - I still need to get this information from Sabrina.

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  1. Sab's grandmother loves the beautifully knitted shawl and it lies on her bed next to her pillow.