Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fancy Yarn

I was just visiting Mom and she gave me this amazing yarn!  She bought it at an art fair or something (I didn't quite understand. The lady may have just been hanging out in a random parking lot...) from this woman who raises the animals, sheers them, and spins and dyes the yarn.  So cool!  I would love to get to see the production side of yarn.  It's so crazy how spinning and crocheting/knitting are often mutually exclusive, even though you can't do either if you don't have spun yarn!

Anyway, these are some of the nicest yarns I've ever had.  I'm actually kind of nervous to use them because I'm afraid I won't do them justice and whatever I make won't stand up to the integrity of the yarn itself.  Ah, the burdens of being a crafter!

Another challenge is that I have relatively limited amounts of each yarn, really only enough to make a hat and/or mittens in each.  Or maybe a relatively short and narrow scarf.  Mom wants me to make something for her combining the purple and neutral ones (2nd and 3rd photos below) but a) she doesn't like/want anything that I can make with this amount of yarn and b) I'm not crazy about that color combination.  I don't think it looks bad, per say, but it doesn't really look good either.  Perhaps because each yarn is so rich on its own, putting them together dampens the effect rather than making them looking better.  I'm going to my local yarn store this weekend for suggestions of what to do with it and to see if they have any other yarn I can combine it with to provide more yardage.  So we shall see...  Stay tuned to see what I create!

I was a dummy and threw away the label for this one before noting the materials, but I assume it's similar to the others.   I  think I'm going to make a hat for myself with it - I have about 50 yards.

Grey alpaca and grey fine wool - 210 yards
Natural indigo with rainbow wools - 160 yards
Please feel free to comment with any suggestions on what I could make!  These are all worsted to bulky weight yarns (I'm a bad judge, but I'd lean more towards bulky).  I'd also like stick to knitting since it uses less yarn.

You can see the spinning website here (personally, I don't think the website's so good, but she has some nice yarn so...).  The farm is Wauka Valley - there's also a link to it on the spinning wesbite.

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