Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sushi pouch

For the past 2 years, I've been schelping my stuff (lunch, shoes, knitting) to and from work in my Ghostwing Tote. While I love this bag, it isn't quite professional, so I decided to upgrade.

After much searching without finding anything that met my needs or budget, I instead inherited an old Longchamp bag from my sister in law. I LOVE this bag - it's big, but not too big, sturdy, and definitely more work-appropriate than my handmade tote. The only downside is the interior pocket. Or rather, lack thereof. There's a small slip pocket, but it's oddly placed at the very top of the interior right along the zipper. And since it has no closures, everything I put in it winds up at the bottom of the bag by the end of the day. So, I made myself a pouch!

It's perfect for holding on my essentials (pens, post-its, chapstick, hand lotion, mints, a curious kitten's tiny head, etc.) and I can just leave it my work bag so no matter where I'm working that day, I'm sure to have everything I need. (I used Noodlehead's open wide zippered pouch tutorial, size M).

Over Thanksgiving, Mom surprised me with some novelty fabric which is fun, but often difficult to weave into quilts or other projects. It's ideal for pouches though! I offset these cute, cartoony sushi with some Essex yarn dyed linen in black, lined everything with SF-101 for stability, and tied it all together with a coordinating green zipper.

I have to admit, every time I take this pouch out during meetings or trainings, I clandestinely glance around hoping everyone is staring at it. So far none of my coworkers have commented, but I'm sure they're all wishing they had a fancy, unique sushi pouch too!


  1. I love your sushi pouch. What a great use for that fabric. I've made and gifted a thousand of these and LOVE the pattern. Great job!

  2. Love the pouch! I have used a Longchamp bag for years as my go-to purse (probably the smaller version of your tote). Like you, I have lamented the fact that everything sinks to the bottom corners.
    You have found the perfect solution!
    Looking for inspiration on your blog and I found it. Thanks.