Monday, November 11, 2013

Playing with paint chips

A few weeks ago I read this post on Sew Crafty Jess' blog and immediately became obsessed with the paint chip elephant frame she made for her daughter's nursery.  Mr. T's sister is due in a few weeks, so I latched onto the idea of making one for her, but then I had trouble finding the elephant punch (I could only find it online) and the baby isn't actually going to have a nursery - s/he will just be sleeping in his/her parents' room - so I figured artwork didn't necessarily make sense since the baby wouldn't have his/her own space.

Lest my desire to make one of these not be foiled, I instead picked out a flower punch, a nice wood frame, glue dots, and some (read: an unnecessarily large stack) of paint chips from Lowes, and set to work making an adult version as a birthday gift for Mom. 

Hanging proudly in the bathroom.

Mom's birthday (and it was a big one) was a week before her wedding and she happened to be in DC for someone else's wedding, so we were able to celebrate together. I picked her and Eddie up from the airport we went straight to her first gift - a chocolate walking tour of Georgetown. Perfect for my chocolate loving mother!

Mom and Eddie getting ready to try some fudge.
That evening, we nursed our sugar highs with a delicious dinner. My brother even drove four hours just for the meal as an extra surprise for her! All in all it was a great weekend and I think Mom had a fantastic birthday.

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