Thursday, November 1, 2012

INDEX Blog Hop and Giveaway

Today I come to you with my first ever giveaway! 

A few months ago, I volunteered to be a pattern tester for Kristy Daum from St. Louis Folk Victorian. I had only been quilting for 3 months at the time, so I sent her this long (and probably unnecessary) email offering my services and explaining the values of having a new quilter as a pattern tester.  I practically jumped up and down when Kristy wrote back and said she'd be happy to have me participate.  I waited in anticipation for her email with the pattern, refreshing my inbox every 5 seconds (well, maybe not quite that often) on the expected day of delivery.

And boy was I pleased when INDEX showed up.

INDEX, a new quilt pattern from Kristy Daum, available at her Etsy shop in both PDF and paper versions.
INDEX is a great pattern.  Kristy wrote it specifically for use with jelly rolls, which I think is wonderful because I always have trouble deciding what to do with jelly rolls.  

Though you can certainly use any cut of fabric (except charm squares), so the possibilities are endless.  

The pattern is so clear and easy to follow. It includes:
  • Materials Needed
  • Cutting Instructions
  • Detailed Step-by-step instructions along with helpful diagrams
  • Information (Material/Cutting) for 3 quilt sizes including Lap, Twin and Queen.

And, my favorite part, INDEX comes together very quickly.  I made the six blocks below using a variety of Kona yardage in no time, including the cutting.  The pattern lends itself perfectly to chain piecing, so you'll have a finished quilt top faster than you can even say "INDEX."  (Well, almost).

{Giveaway closed}
Now, for the giveaway!  Kristy has generously offered a free INDEX pattern (PDF version only) for one lucky reader.  To enter, just leave a comment.  Any comments are welcome, though I would appreciate suggestions as to how I should finish my test blocks.  They're still just 6 lonely, separate blocks waiting to be pieced together, but I'm having trouble deciding how to combine them (i.e. If I do a mini quilt, what shape should I do? Should I make more blocks and go for a lap size? Or maybe pillows for holiday gifts?  I've also toyed with the idea of making these same blocks but reversing the colors, so the coal would be the I shape and the colors would be the background.  But that still brings me back to how to complete the overall product.  You see my dilemma?).  The giveaway will be open until midnight (EST) Monday, November 5.  I'll try to remember to announce the winner on Tuesday, but please be patient with me if I forget.

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And, as always, if you don't win INDEX during the blog hop, you can purchase a copy from Krisy's Etsy shop, KristyDaum.  The pattern is available in both PDF and paper versions.


  1. Great pattern! I would love to win a copy!
    I think you should make more clocks and make a lap quilt!

    1. Of course I meant more blocks not clocks!!!!

  2. This is so beautiful! And what and incredible pattern! I would like to win a copy of this pattern!

  3. Nice work, Jess! This pattern would make a wonderful gift for another crafty friend :)

  4. Really cool pattern- one of my favorites so far. I like the idea of making these into pillows as holdiday gifts (Would make for a gift with a little personaility attached!)

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Nice pattern! That would be a great quilt for a blue roan English Cocker to snooze on...

  6. I love your modern color pallet with the gray and solids! I would make this into a lap quilt - just perfect for the back of the couch or cuddling up in! I would have to draw and color it out to "see" what it would look like with a single color in the "I" and a multitude of colors for the brain just isn't wrapping around that! Thank you for the opportunity to win this pattern! I'm glad I'm one of your followers :)

  7. I really like this pattern and I love your gray/solid version. I would add a few more blocks and go for a lap quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Love the gray as the solid. I think I would bite the bullet and make some more blocks. A few more and you would have a gorgeous baby quilt. Thank you for the chance to win the pattern.

  9. I love the bold colors and all the solids...I don't do quilts with solids normally, but am loving this! Would be a perfect boy keep them going and get at least enough for a baby quilt!

  10. great colors. make a pillow!

  11. Keep making blocks until you have enough for a quilt. Love the gray background with the bright solids. Do not leave it as a UFO!

  12. You should make pillow shams! This looks like the perfect size for that. AND then make a quilt to match. :) That would make a great birthday gift for someone....

  13. I love the colors you used to make the blocks! I'd make more blocks and make a lap sized quilt. And it would be neat to have some reverse blocks made into pillows to go with it. I'd love to try this quilt! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  14. I do think you should add more blocks. I think you would really enjoy the quilt if it was at least lap size. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I'm so excited about the giveaway! I hope I win!

  16. I love your solids version! I'd add more blocks & make a lap quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Wow, can't believe you are so new to quilting and you are able to put together such gorgeous blocks! Must be an awesome pattern!! I want to win!! Love your color choices! Pick me, pick me!

  18. Great review of Kristy's new pattern - Index! Great work using the solids in the pattern! Thank you for this great giveaway!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  19. Ohhh! I love this in solids! I say go for the lap quilt, you can never have enough quilts around! Thanks for the chance to win and your are an amazing new quilter! Keep it up!

  20. AH! Jess! You are the most talented, creative, amazing friend! Your work just keeps getting better and better and I am so impressed, but not surprised at all :) The quilting world is lucky to have you!!!

  21. Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.netNovember 4, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    I don't do mini quilts so I vote for more blocks. The reversal of colors might be very interesting. I am sure whatever you do will be nice.