Origami of the Day

For 2012, I bought an Easy Origami Fold-a-Day Calendar to keep on my desk and work and entertain me during my lunch break.  I figured what better way to share these crafts than on my blog!  And come the end of the year, I'll have an amazing collection of approximately 250 origami pieces (weekends are combined into one calendar page and contain tips on how to improve your origami rather than new designs).

Check this page on a regular basis to stay updated as my origami skills progress!

(Note: I will not post the directions online because I'm afraid that might be some sort of copyright infringement).

June 5: Flower

May 29: Sea Turtle

May 25-27: Dinosaur

May 21: Turtle

May 11: Twin Penguins

May 9-10: Baby Elephant

May 8: Owl Baby

May 7: Baby Bunny

April 27-29: Acoustic Guitar

April 26: Pig

April 23: Tulip

April 10: Trout (It looks more like a leech too me...)

April 5: Bunny

April 4: Egg

April 3: Blow-Up Bunny (There's an Easter theme this week.  I'm not making the crosses).

March 29: Swordfish

March 28: Cheap Sunglasses

February 22: Church (maybe because it's Ash Wednesday....  Either way, I think it looks like a space ship)

February 21: Sitting Fox

February 9: Swan Love

February 6: Contemporary Box (I just have to say that the origami for February is pretty bad.  It's all containers for love notes and kissing swans.  There probably aren't going to be too many origami posts this month...)

January 31: Pelican

January 28-29: Butterfly Mystery

January 27: Peppy Envelope

January 25: Penguin Boat Ride

January 24: Grasshopper

January 20: Kitten Finger Puppet

January 19: Puppy Finger Puppet

January 17: Bench

January 13-15: Sleeping Puppy (This one is lame)

January 12: Nightingale

January 11: Minnow

January 10: Canoe

January 6: Dog's Head

January 5: Four-Step Sled (this one is dumb and I threw it away - well, recycled it)

January 4: Snappy Puppet

January 3: Parakeet

January 2: Penguin


December 31/January 1: Dove

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