Friday, December 14, 2012

iPad Case

This year we all chipped in a got Mom an iPad for her birthday and Hanukkah present.  Naturally, one needs a case for such a nice gift, so I made one and gave it to her for the first night of Hanukkah while Mr. T and I were visiting last weekend.  I used this tutorial from Faith at Fresh Lemons, which was great. (Sidenote: I did get a bit confused at the final stage when nesting the outside into the lining to join them.  There are a lot of layers to work with and I started sewing the outer cover closed.  Oops.  The directions are very clear; I was just hurrying along and not paying close enough attention.)  I used batting scraps that I had on hand for the padding.  I was thinking about using two layers for extra protection, but after assembling the entire case, one is definitely enough.  Two layers would have been combersome.  I also added interfacing (SF-101) to the lining pieces and the strap for some extra strength and durability.

I absolutely love the outer fabric.  It's Critter Community Trees in Retro by Suzy Ultman that I bought on a whim and it's become one of my favorites (you may recognize it from this earlier project).  I thought Mom would really like it too.  She loves going camping and bike riding, and her house is on a two-acre wooded plot where she enjoys bird, deer, and turkey watching.  (In fact, she woke me and Mr. T up at 8am Sunday morning screaming like a banshee because there were 30 turkeys and 6 deer in the yard.  We then proceeded to circle through every window in the house, upstairs and down, following them around the perimeter.  [I mock, but it always is pretty neat to see the wildlife so close, especially now that I live in a city]).

For the inside pocket, I used Joel Dewberry again.  I really love herringbone, and this color is great.  The color combination is reminiscent of the sky above the woods, without being super literal.  Plus it's called Pond, so it fits right in with the outdoorsy theme.

The owl and snail really get me.  So cute!  I just wish I hadn't sewn the owl upside down, though I do like that the tree in the center is right side up.  I thought the tree was more of the focal point, so the owl had to be inverted.  Oh well.  He's still cute.

Ahhh! That dastardly wrinkle! No matter how much I smoothed and ironed I could not get it to go away, or even move!

I've become better about adding my label to things too.  I admit I forgot on this until the entire thing was complete, so I only ironed it on and was not able to reinforce with stitching.  Hopefully it stays...

Mom was using the case all weekend, so I'll take that to mean she likes it.  Her boyfriend also got her one, though it's more like an iPad-specific purse than just a case.  She was using both together, so she'll have one well-protected iPad.

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