Monday, January 23, 2012

Domestic Goats T-Shirts

Because we are awesome, my trivia team was invited to the trivia invitationals at the end of January!  Since we're already convinced of our intellectual prowess, we decided we'd earn some bonus points in the Spirit category.  Our team names is the Domestic Goats, so, in addition to finding a stuffed goat and hopefully some goat horns, we made these awesome t-shirts!  I thought of the idea of the goat sitting on top of his house because there was a goat that lived down the street from me that always did this.  He was sitting up there so often that I used him as a landmark when directing people to my house: "Turn left at that street - you'll see a goat sitting on top of his house" (yes, I grew up in the boonies).

So, with an iron and some transfer paper, Domestic Goat Tees were born!  We each have a clever nickname loosely based on trivia or our team name:

Zeiga - which means "goat" in German
Posh Goat - she's definitely the fanciest of us all
Cooper - Because he knew coopers are barrel makers
Shirley - this is me; I order Shirley Temples during trivia every week - well, now I don't so much as order them as the waiter just brings them because he knows what we all drink without asking.
OOOH Face!!! - This is my boyfriend.  Whenever there's a question he knows (which is often), he gets this look and kind of shrugs his shoulders as if to say "Is that even a real question?  You're insulting my intelligence by asking that."
That Guy - You'd have know Zack...

Semi-finished project - mine is the light purple/pink one
Tits ironing on the goats!

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