Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Savannah, in (mostly) pictures

This past weekend, Mr. T and I traveled (read: drove 9 hours!) down to Savannah for my mother's wedding. Even though I grew up about 4 hours from Savannah, I'd never been, but I'd always heard great things so I was excited for this destination wedding. The city did not disappoint. It was a beautiful occasion and, because the wedding was the first day (on Halloween), we had the rest of the weekend to relax and enjoy vacation.

We took pedicabs from the B&B where we stayed (so nice, highly recommended!) to the synagogue. Left is my brother and SIL, right is me and Mr. T. It was a fun and unique way to travel. Mom's husband's grand kids (Mom's step-grand kids...) even attached signs to the back of their pedicab saying "Off to get married" and "Just tied the knot" for afterwards.

Mom, Eddie, Rabbi Haas
The happy couple right after they tied the knot. I'll go into detail about it later - hopefully once I get better photos from the photographer - but part of my wedding gift to Mom and Eddie was making the chuppah, the canopy under which they're standing (previously mentioned here and here). In Jewish weddings, the bride and groom are married under the chuppah to symbolize the coming together under one roof. This was definitely a labor of love and caused me quite a bit of anxiety, but I'm really happy with how it turned out and, more importantly, so was Mom.

Interestingly, the synagogue where they got married is the third oldest in the country. I was surprised any Jews even lived in Savannah, let alone one of the oldest congregations!

After the wedding, it was all fun and games. We went on a walking tour (with an 87% blind guide who was great!), toured an old house, and rode scooters! I also went on a nice, long run in preparation for a half marathon in a few weeks, so that was a great way to get to see the majority of the historic district.

Wall of candy and salt water taffy-making
Drain spout and cool church. On Halloween they had a petting zoo in front of the church, but we didn't get to stop. Apparently this spire was also in Forrest Gump. There were/are A LOT of movies filmed in Savannah - our blind tour guide kept rattling them off.

 Drinking on the street. Coffee for me, beer for Mr. T. There are no open container laws, so obviously we had to take advantage!

This was my favorite activity! I was nervous at first, but Mr. T and my brother convinced me that we should rent scooters, so we did. AND IT WAS AWESOME! Let's just say, I'm a natural.


  1. I knew that Jewish people got married under a canopy (and have always thought it was pretty) but I've never had anyone explain why, so thanks for that! Also, your mother's is beautiful! It looks like it was a ton of work, but well done!

  2. Best wishes to your Mom and her new husband. What a special wedding gift. What happens to it after the wedding?