Thursday, November 15, 2012

Taking Inventory

As the end of the year draws closer, a lot of people have been posting lists of WIPs and must-finish projects.  These got me thinking about my WIPs and want-to-makes, so I decided to take my own inventory.

1) Boyfriend Sweater - just started on the sleeves.  Might actually be able to finish before the one year mark in January.
2) Spectrum Socks - legs complete; need to start turning the heels. Set these aside to focus on the sweater.
3) Sweater for Mr. T - bought that pattern and yarn when my LYS was having a sale at the beginning of the year.  Been in the closet since.
4) Tie for Mr. T - supposed to be a Hanukkah gift; maybe next year... He braved the store to help me pick out yarn, so I definitely have to get this done at some point
5) Herringbone cowl - Started this one at jury duty in October, but the needles were too small, so I took it all out.  And now Purl has posted two new scarf patterns that I love, so I'm not sure which I want to use anymore.
6) Assorted gifts for a newbie due in January
7) Undetermined project with the fancy yarn Mom bought me in February
8) New hat for Mr. T - he lost the one I made him last year, though it was made with cheapish yarn so I was going to have to make him another one anyway; need yarn

1) Gift for newbie due in January (same as above) - plan made; top about 1/3 complete
2) Pseudo commission for Sab - plan made; now need to pluck up the nerve (and find the time) to start cutting
3) Bag for me - need something casual yet durable to carry stuff (i.e. shoes, water bottle, lunch bag) to work
4) Pajama pants for me - have pattern and fabric; just need to do it
5) Schoolhouse tunic for me - this one is in limbo until I go visit Mom in December; I need in-person help
6) Elephant quilt for Tits - I've been stocking up on elephant fabric, but I still don't have a clear idea what I want to do for this one.

Plus at least 5 other items that I can't mention here because they're surprises.

Whoa, this is a lot longer than I thought it was going to be.  I definitely need to take Mr. T's advice and stop buying yarn and fabric until I use what I have and complete these!

And because no post should be pictureless, enjoy this adorable one of my kitties helping me quilt!

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