Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Free fabric!

I think I enter an average of 10 contests/giveaways each week.  Every time I do it, I tell myself I will never win, but it only takes a few minutes to make a comment, so I do it anyway.  Well, a few weeks ago my luck turned and I actually won!!!  I entered a contest for some Art Gallery fat quarters on Rachel Griffith's blog  ps i quilt.

Now, the week that Rachel announced the winner, I happened to be out of town for a conference and did not have regular internet access and thus was not reading my daily blogs as usual.  One evening I was just perusing on my phone when I came across the announcement post.  I was completely caught off guard and did two things:  1) I checked the "jess" hyperlink about 4 times before I was convinced that it was actually linking to my blog and 2) I came across this post about 5 days after is was published, so I immediately started freaking out that I had taken too long to respond and they had picked a new winner.  I sent Rachel a rather frantic and overly excited email right away, as I sat fist pumping and jumping up and down on my hotel bed.  I really had to restrain myself from calling Mom and Mr. T - I was on the west coast at the time and, as much as they support my crafting, I figured they wouldn't share in my excitement to the level I deemed appropriate if I woke them up at 2am just because I won some fabric.

My cat, Cashmere, was very intrigued by this photo shoot!
The package came over the weekend, but I wasn't able to get it until yesteday morning when my apartment building office opened.  I ran down first thing in the morning to get it.  Isn't it pretty!?  Also, based on the original post, I was only expected to get 8 FQs, but I actually got 10!  AGF included the three solids, and left out the gray flowery one.  Thanks, Pat and Rachel!

This isn't a very good fabric photo, but Cash looked so cute I had to include it.  There can never be too many cat photos online!  She absolutely loves napping on fabric, which I think is a characteristic of most cats.

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  1. Congratulations Jess! I can imagine how excited you were when you got the big news. Good job! You deserve it :)